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National Academy of Sciences Publishes Primer on Climate Change


In two previous posts I have discussed a new report by the National Academy of Sciences about the likelihood of disruptive abrupt changes due to climate change. The NAS has also published another report dealing with climate change.

The new report by the NAS and the Royal Society, A Discussion on Climate Change: Evidence and Causes, briefly answers 20 questions about climate change, how scientists know it really exists, and what its effects are likely to be. It then presents a brief primer on the mechanism of climate change.

The report is a very readable summary that isn’t a long, weighty document, and which incorporates information that was developed after the cut-off deadline for the Fifth Assessment Review by the International Panel on Climate Change.

It can be read online, or downloaded for reading offline.


National Academy of Sciences and The Royal Society. 2014. Climate Change: Evidence & Causes. Downloaded 3/4/2014 from http://nas-sites.org/americasclimatechoices/events/a-discussion-on-climate-change-evidence-and-causes.

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